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Frozen Shoulder Is A Stiff Problem That Needs A Flexible Solution
The Frozen Shoulder Treatment System
If you are looking for natural solutions that will get to the root causes of frozen shoulder and prevent it from happening again, this book is for you
Most my frozen shoulder patients have been tremendous givers, people who serve others and whose lives are busy and rich were it not for the terrible pain of frozen shoulder.  I chose Frozen to Freedom as the book title because frozen describes both a stiff shoulder, and feeling frozen by not doing what we want and need to do. Freedom refers to freedom from shoulder pain of course but also the freedom to serve, to live, and return to the things you love to do.

I wrote this book for you.

If you are looking for guidance through all 3 stages of your Frozen Shoulder, this book will help you lessen the impact of Frozen Shoulder & speed up recovery. Frozen shoulder is the tip of the iceberg that, in my opinion, requires a far more comprehensive and natural approach before starting any aggressive exercises.

Exercise has most likely not worked for you and "Wait it out" is not working for you because we need to first address the root causes of Frozen Shoulder. Exercise comes in Chapter 5 - we've got some work to do first!
"Turn your wounds into wisdom"  
                                                        Oprah Winfrey
Turn Your Frozen Shoulder Experience Into Your Health Transformation
Like the iceberg, we must treat surface symptoms such as pain and sleep disturbance. At the same time that you will also be addressing larger underlying health issues such as chronic inflammation and hormone imbalance. This approach can positively impact many areas of your life from sleep quality to sex drive, and from digestive issues to diabetes. There are gems here for every person dealing with frozen shoulder in their life.

It can be extremely difficult to know where to begin treating frozen shoulder. In Frozen To Freedom, I provide you with an Irritability Index and will show you how to use it to find your stage of frozen shoulder and then determine which treatments are most likely to give the best results.

I am not promising a 5 minute miracle cure. I AM PROMISING tools for every stage of frozen shoulder, and to MINIMIZE the damage done to your shoulder in the inflammatory freezing stage, to QUICKEN your overall recovery time.


Now I view my brush with Frozen Shoulder as a blessing and as a grace that led me, painfully, to a new way of thinking and to a new way of helping my patients, training other clinicians to helps their patients, and hopefully making a positive impact on the world.
"Getting Frozen Shoulder led to the breakthrough that broke my pain cycle, transformed my overall health and changed my clinical approach to all patients with chronic pain"
My Story
I wanted a pain solution but I ended up with a solution that transformed both my life and my clinical practice
For 20 years I had helped people with shoulder problems. Many of these people had Frozen Shoulder. There were times that my treatment approaches worked incredibly well and others where improvements were short lived. Then I developed Frozen Shoulder myself following the tiniest of tweaks and I was in the role of patient rather than therapist.

I applied many different treatment methods to myself such as working on my neck and treating trigger points (all of which I will teach you in the eBook) but the pain relief not lasting until...

One day, my wife asks me if I'd consider eating a vegetarian diet. Before Frozen Shoulder I exercised regularly but my diet was not always the greatest. I agreed to the vegetarian diet and within a week my pain levels went down... a lot. I'd experienced a number of pain setbacks so I wasn't holding my breath or anything but the pain stayed away and I was able to move into the next stage of my own Frozen Shoulder healing journey. Now everything started working better in terms of my self treatment. Trigger points stayed away for longer, my neck improved and regained full range of motion again, and I was able to exercise without inflaming my shoulder.

After countless hours of research and reflection both on my own experience and of all the people I had tried my best to help over the years, I came to the conclusion that frozen shoulder had similar hidden causes that tied us all together.
JR Justesen
Physical Therapist, Clinician, Educator  

Author of Frozen To Freedom: The Frozen Shoulder Treatment System

Owner, Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre

University of Victoria, Health Sciences Advisory Committee
Imagine What Life Will Be Like Again When You Have Your Shoulder Back!
No shoulder pain. Return to activity, return to serving others, return to work, return to life!

Own a new way to take charge of your own health and vitality.

Heal your shoulder from the inside out and decrease chances of developing other chronic diseases in the future

5 Chapters to Taking Charge of Your Health
and Your Frozen Shoulder
This is Everything Included in Frozen To Freedom...
Chapter #1
What is frozen shoulder, and what tests do we use in the clinic? What simple test is positive in 96.4% of frozen shoulder patients?

This chapter also looks at topics such as "When is frozen shoulder not really frozen?"; "Is frozen shoulder genetic?"; "Should we rename frozen shoulder?"; and "Are there certain personalities that get frozen shoulder?"
Chapter #2
Perhaps the most important chapter in the book. This chapter provides a new theory of why we get frozen shoulder in the first place and provides insights, tools and strategies to help you treat and deal with frozen shoulder from below the surface.
Chapter #3
The Irritability Index is your road map through the frozen shoulder journey. This tool will help prevent the mistake of doing the right thing at the wrong time and encourage you to engage in the most impactful treatments for each stage of frozen shoulder

Chapter #4
This chapter is entirely dedicated to 10 additional tools or strategies you can use to decrease pain and improve your quality of life.

The section on treating your trigger points is massive - this one technique alone can help your shoulder pain tremendously!
Chapter #5
Choose the right exercise for your stage of frozen shoulder. Advice on sets and repetitions, plus an exercise technique that will usually restore range of motion faster than stretching (and with less force)
Chapter #6
Congratulations and look at all you've accomplished. Now it's time to maintain all you've done and carry it forward into your new and better future. This final chapter is really a celebration of all you have accomplished in your frozen shoulder journey.

Plus these super cool bonuses!
Bonus #1
7 Day Elimination Diet
This is 3 bonuses in 1.

In step 1 we determine if digestive issues are contributing to chronic inflammation in your body.

Step 2 provides a meal plan and recipes for the 7 days.

For step 3 you will need a Food Reintroduction Guide and Symptom Tracker to determine which foods have the greatest affect on your health.
Bonus #2
Diet and Lifestyle Factors to Prevent Oxidative Stress
This information packed eBook explains:
What is Oxidative Stress
What promotes Oxidative Stress
Dangers of Oxidative Stress
The connection between aging and Oxidative Stress
How diet can reduce Oxidative Stress
Key Anti-Oxidants
Key lifestyle choices to reduce Oxidative Stress
Bonus #3
The Inflammation Index
Earlier I mentioned the Irritability Index which is your road map to your frozen shoulder treatment plan.

The Inflammation Index is another tool altogether. It allows you to easily track symptoms of chronic inflammation in your body. Sometimes changes are not obvious so it is important to have a tool for your baseline or starting point.

Use this tool 2-4 weeks after beginning one or some of your lifestyle changes to see how well you do
Mediterranean Diet Instructions

The Mediterranean diet has gone through many clinical research studies. Results of following this diet have shown:

Lower risk of heart disease - after 4 years of this diet, participants were 72% less likely to have a heart attack

Lower blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and C-Reactive Protein (a marker of inflammation in the body)

Weight loss - 3.3 x the weight loss of a low fat diet

Improved insulin sensitivity

All this for less than the price of a single health care visit!
 EBook and Bonuses Worth Over $412
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Take 30 days to test the insights and strategies in FROZEN TO FREEDOM and if you are not satisfied with the shift in your frozen shoulder condition then get your entire purchase price back.
Take Charge Of Your Health Today
                               "If pain is your primary complaint then pain relief is my primary goal"
                                                                                                JR Justesen

I want to empower you to heal yourself from the inside to minimize inflammation and to get out of pain as quickly as possible. I want to teach you my insights into pain relief from over 20 years of clinical practice. I want to teach you exercises to regain your strength and vitality and prevent future shoulder problems.

Here’s A Recap Of
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  • ​7 Day Elimination Diet and Recipe Plan     ($80 Value)
  • ​Diet and Lifestyle Factors to Prevent Oxidative Stress, 35 page eBook                                                               ($35 Value)
  • ​Inflammation Index, Symptom Tracker      ($47 Value)​​
  • Mediterranean Diet Instructions                 
  • Insights and techniques from 22 years of clinical work
Total Value: Over $412
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